For the selected duration your mentor will help you learn how to find investment opportunities, analyze them and assist you with your offers.

Secondly we will assist you with obtaining the funding you need to purchase the property. We will provide the same resources we use to fund hundreds of our deals.

After closing we will consult you on the construction phase; helping you estimate a  budget, vetting contractors, managing the project, etc.  You will have access to our experience to help you navigate through the construction phase.

   And lastly we will assist you with your exit strategy. Should you flip, hold, airbnb, etc.  We will analyze different factors to determine what’s the best strategy to maximize your return on investment.  Your mentor will be available by phone to help you every step of the way. When this course is complete, you will have the knowledge and the tools to start your real estate investing career the right way..

Choose Your Plan

60 Days


90 Days